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Injured in an Auto Accident?


Do you have whiplash in Lexington? Most car accidents in Lexington are rear end collisions. Some people that are involved in rear-end collisions don't even realize they've incurred a whiplash injury. The pain or other symptoms associated with a whiplash injury don't always present immediately following a car accident. Symptoms in the form of headaches, neck or upper back stiffness or neck or upper back pain, are some of the more frequently experienced symptoms following a car crash. Sometimes these symptoms present immediately after the accident, but sometimes they may not present for days and maybe even weeks after the accident. It's important to still get evaluated though. Your insurance will pay 100% of all of your necessary and related medical expenses.

To have success with a whiplash injury, it's important to work with a provider that understands the problem. A Chiropractors' education prepares us to handle these type injuries. The sooner a Doctor of Chiropractic evaluates you for potential injury after the car accident, and the sooner you start care for any whiplash injuries sustained, the less chance you have of developing long term problems. If you have been injured in an accident, this article from LifeStyle Chiropractic will help you understand the options that you have.

Whiplash in Lexington

Whiplash injury is a serious matter. The potential residual effects can be devastating if whiplash is left untreated. Unfortunately, most people either don't realize that they have incurred injury, or they didn't get evaluated by a Doctor of Chiropractic for their musculoskeletal injuries. By the time many people realize they are in need of help, their problems have escalated to a much worse condition.

Whiplash injuries typically consist of soft tissue injury, i.e. strain/sprain type injuries, but can also include nerve, disc, and bone injury too. A strain/sprain doesn't sound that bad, but remember, a strain or sprain injury means that the muscle or ligamentous tissue has been stretched beyond its limit. Essentially, the tissue has been torn! That's a bad situation, especially when the injury occurs in the neck, like a whiplash injury does. The torn tissue heals via scar tissue. Scar tissue is fibrotic and dense, and it isn't very pliable. Scar tissue creates adhesions around joints and in muscle tissue. This creates further problems, in that, your spine isn't able to move and function normally. And complicating the whole scenario is the fact that spinal misalignments caused by the crash impact, create additional spinal dysfunction. You can see where this is going - nowhere good!

Research has shown that a 5 mph impact can result in injuries. What does this mean...even if you aren't sure whether you've been injured, get a chiropractic evaluation to make sure, either way.

Chiropractic care is an effective treatment for patients that have incurred a whiplash type injury. Why a chiropractor? Because the Doctor of Chiropractic is highly educated in the workings of the core structure, the spine. And the injuries that happen with a whiplash type injury, are spinal related.

Doctor Mike Nemastil, with LifeStyle Chiropractic in Lexington, KY has over 20 years experience helping individuals suffering from whiplash injury. Call today for your evaluation. Insurance pays 100% of all necessary medical costs for your treatment, as related to your accident.

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