Top Attractions in Lexington KY

1. "Is there a story behind or reason why you ended up opening an office in your city?"

Lexington is a beautiful city. I loved it from the moment I visited. Here I have access to shopping centers, quality restaurants, Keene land & the Red Mile Race Courses and of course the Kentucky Wildcats. Being a part of the "Big Blue Nation" brings together the city in a fun and exciting sports adventure. Folks in Lexington, Ky. are friendly and easy going. Everything I need is right at my fingertips. This made my decision to open a practice in Lexington, Ky. an easy choice.

Here is a link about the 40th year of Rupp Arena. It's a big deal here!

Chiropractic Lexington KY Rupp Area
Chiropractic Lexington KY Rupp Arena
Chiropractic Lexington KY Rupp Area

2. "Why do patients choose you over other options in your city?"

My practice is conveniently located next to Fayette Mall and the Man o' War Wal-Mart. Parking is readily available and public transportation stops directly in front of our building. Our patients love us and refer family and friends. I am also trained in providing the Webster technique to my patients who are pregnant. This is a technique to help mothers to be with babies who are breech, turn naturally.

Chiropractic Lexington KY Connemara
Chiropractic Lexington KY Golf Course Building
Chiropractic Lexington KY Golf Course Landscape

3. "Do you have 2 awesome written testimonials from patients in your city? Can you get some history on why they are in your city? Or what part of the city they are in?"

A. Laura Clifford

My family has been coming to Dr. Mike for about 2 years now, and I have been very pleased! Dr. Mike helped me keep my baby in a good position during my last pregnancy, which I believe made my labor go much smoother. I really appreciate that Dr. Mike always explains exactly what he is doing, and why, before he does it. Dr. Mike takes the time to get to know his patients, and never rushes though our appointment. Dr. Mike is very gently and patient with my 3 year old, and 9 month old sons. The staff is friendly and welcoming and we will continue to see Dr. Mike for years to come!

B. Gary Palmer

I've had a lot of back problems since I was a teenager. As an adult it was putting a damper on my passion for playing golf. Dr. Mike started my on a treatment plan of chiropractic spinal adjustments and stretching exercises. I'm happy to say that I don't have any more severe low back pain and I rarely ever get pain anymore. Usually my first golf outing of the season leaves me hurting, with several days of recovery. However, this year I had no back pain during or after golfing! All I can say is WOW!

Chiropractic Lexington KY Keeland Race Course
Chiropractic Lexington KY Keeland Race Course
Chiropractic Lexington KY Keeland Race Course
Chiropractic Lexington KY Commonwealth Stadium
Chiropractic Lexington KY Commonwealth Stadium
Chiropractic Lexington KY Kentucky Horse Park
Chiropractic Lexington KY Kentucky Horse Park
Chiropractic Lexington KY Kentucky Horse Park

4. "Does the city have a good nickname that people actually use? How did that come about?"

Lexington is known as The Horse Capitol Of The World.  Lexington was the birthplace of the legendary, Man o' War, long revered for his racing prowess, although this amazing equine never ran in the Kentucky Derby. Surrounded by more than 400 horse farms, Lexington is the undisputed Horse Capital of the World. More than 8,000 registered thoroughbred foals are born in the state annually. Horses are flown into Lexington each year from all over the world to live and breed at famous local horse farms.

Lexington's iconic Keeneland Race Course is a National Historic Landmark and Thoroughbred race course, offering race meets in the spring and the fall. Keeneland hosted the 2015 Breeders' Cup World Championships, the most prestigious two days in Thoroughbred racing. More than 90,000 people attended the championships at Keeneland over the course of two days and Lexington was alive with concerts, exhibits, events and celebrations. Celebrities like to raise horses here. It's no wonder that many notable people own and operate horse farms in the the Horse Capital of the World, including William Shatner, Jerry Bruckheimer, Steve Zahn, J. Peterman (from "Seinfeld" fame) and Sam Shepard.

Chiropractic Lexington KY The Red Mile
Chiropractic Lexington KY The Red Mile
Chiropractic Lexington KY Rupp Area

5. "What do you do with your free time in the city?"

In the summer the Kentucky Horse Park is ideal. It is a great place to take my family when they come from out of town to visit. The Kentucky Horse Park is unlike any other park in the world -- a showcase of museums, galleries, theaters, and working farm exhibits. Nearly 50 breeds of horses graze upon its 1,200 acres of lush pastures. The campground offers 260 spacious sites with grocery store/gift shop, two bathhouses, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts and a swimming pool. Camping with our group is always a highlight of the summer. There are always soccer tournaments going on at the Horse Park as well as equine events. At Christmas everyone raves about the Southern Light Holiday Festival. 120,000 visitors drive through the 3 mile light show each year.

Keeneland is one of the most beautiful racetracks in the world. Visitors are welcome year round. Live Thoroughbred racing takes place in April and October and live Thoroughbred auctions are held several times a year. My family and I love the experience.

Shopping centers and unique gift shops offer plenty of choices for finding the right gift. The Lexington Center For The Arts and The Opera House offer affordable entertainment. I often take in a movie at one of the local theaters, along with popcorn. Lexington has an amazing array of non-chain, independent restaurants, as well as the chain favorites. From time-honored recipes to the latest culinary trends, we have something for everyone.

Lexington is home to the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Football, basketball, baseball and soccer games are always a great place to cheer on our team and of course tailgate. I do indeed "bleed blue!"

Chiropractic Lexington KY Chiro Streetview
Chiropractic Lexington KY Chiro Streetview
Chiropractic Lexington KY Chiro Streetview
Chiropractic Lexington KY Lexington Athletic Club

6. "Was your city recently in the news for some reason?"

Traditionally held over the last weekend in April, the "Best Weekend All Year" brings the toughest horses and riders to the Kentucky Horse Park to compete in the triathlon of Equestrian Competition - the sport of Eventing.

The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event is the nation's premier Three-Day Event and one of the most prestigious equestrian competitions in the world.  The Fédération Equestre Internationale (International Equestrian Federation - FEI), the world's governing body of equestrian sports, has designated the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event as a 'Four Star' eventing competition, the highest designation, which is given only to the Olympic Games, World Championships, and six annual events around the world.  "Rolex Kentucky" is the only annual Four Star event in the Western Hemisphere. The event hosted more than 75,000 attendees over the four days of competition with 31,000-plus cheering fans on cross-country day alone.

The Red Mile is a horse racing track located in Lexington, Kentucky, United States. The track hosts harness racing, a type of horse racing in which the horses must pull two-wheeled carts called sulkies while racing. This is in addition to the thoroughbred racing at Keeneland and Equestrian Competitions held at the Kentucky Horse Park.

7. "What conditions or issues do you have the most success with?"

Neck and back pain are probably two of the most common reasons people seek chiropractic treatment at LifeStyle Chiropractic in Lexington, Kentucky located in the Tiverton Crossing Shopping Mall. Dr. Nemastil has received education in serveral techniques to address these two problem areas that present to LifeStyle Chiropractic rather often. Dr. Nemastil takes into consideration the many factors that can cause neck pain and back pain, and determines a treatment plant that is suited to the patients' clinical specifics. Having 20+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Nemastil has great success with both of these problems.

8. "Any tips or secrets you have about the city?"

One thing that I have found useful here in Lexington is the 311 system. LexCall 311 is the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government's centralized service and information call center. I use it to find out when my trash services are running on holidays, how to get potholes fixed, to report missing street signs and to get information on other city services. They can also connect you to any city employee or division.  Any questions you have regarding Lexington are only a phone call away.

I also use Facebook to connect with neighbors and to ask questions about local restaurants and services. It is a wealth of information.

Lextran is a great way to get around the city without worrying about finding a parking space. Bus stops are located all across the city.

9. "Are there related nearby businesses that your customer might also want you to find? Can you do a small write up about them?"

The Lexington Athletic Club, next to us on Tiverton Way, is a great place to get into shape. I often refer my patients there when they need a great place to exercise. Along with an indoor track, swimming pool, weight lifting, basketball court, and exercise equipment, they offer group classes for every age.

10. "Do you participate in any local events? Do you support any teams or organizations?"

Each holiday season LifeStyle Chiropractic collects toys for children in the Fayette County area. These are donated to the Lexington Fraternal Order of Police. Since 1931, the Lexington Fire Department has been assisting families that need a little help around the holidays.  The Lexington Fraternal Order of Firefighters has helped tens of thousands of kids receive toys for Christmas that they may not have otherwise received.  The Firefighter Toy Program is open to Fayette County residents who need assistance providing toys for their children, infant to 12 years. The patients and staff at LifeStyle Chiropractic love collecting toys and helping Santa with his Christmas Eve tradition of bringing joy to all the boys and girls in Fayette County.

Chiropractic Lexington KY Fraternial Order of Police
Chiropractic Lexington KY Fraternal Order of Police
Chiropractic Lexington KY Fraternal Order of Police

11. "Is there anything else that makes you proud to be a Lexington KY Chiropractor?

We do have our own airport! And recently the airport set a new passenger record! As stated in a recent press release:

January 31, 2017 - A record number of passengers traveled through Lexington's Blue Grass Airport in 2016. As the primary air transportation provider for central Kentucky, Blue Grass Airport saw 1,309,765 passengers. This is a 5.5% increase over last year and is the third consecutive year the airport has seen a record number of travelers.

"As we celebrate 70 years of commercial air service at Blue Grass Airport, we are pleased to announce that our passenger numbers continue to increase and that air service in Lexington is at an all-time high with 18 non-stop destinations on our route map, said Eric Frankl, executive director of Blue Grass Airport. "We are fortunate to have such strong relationships with Allegiant, American, Delta and United-all of whom have invested in our community and continue to support our local business and leisure travelers-as well as a business community that makes a commitment to fly from Blue Grass Airport."

Chiropractic Lexington KY Blue Grass Airport
Chiropractic Lexington KY Blue Grass Airport Statue
Chiropractic Lexington KY Blue Grass Airport Street View

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